Wednesday, January 28, 2009


What up family, its been a minute since you've heard from me, life has a funny way of treating you sometimes. In the course of a month and a half i've moved out of an apartment into a townhouse and out again only to be staying with in laws while my wife is about to have my first seed. The stress can be overwhelming but thank God for good friends, good beats and good trees. On the music front I've been deep in my own world prepping a few solo and collab releases with my boy JustPlainAnt and the anxiety is building. In addition to being featured on his new album "Dig Deep" which i advise all readers to check out! I've been cultivating a style I like to call "Rugged Tranquility" Its hard to explain, you'll just have to hear it when i finally get off my ass and drop something. The anticipation is building but timing is everything so til then, keep ya ears open, and thanks for the patience. peacers.

Brad Oblivion.