Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Top 10 Most Absurd Mixtape Covers

I stumbled across this hilarious post today.  Peace to Highsnobiety.com.



Brad Oblivion.

Monday, September 29, 2008

"Even if I don't blow, I got chicks that will..."

"2 It" - New Jack Hustle (Shawn Jackson & Newman) from Shawn Jackson on Vimeo.

Record Porn pt. 1

I'm a record nerd, I could sit and look at records all day.  

PhotobucketBrad Oblivion.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh Snididap!! New Co$$ and C.R.A.C!!!

Make Sure to cop dude's debut LP Before I Wake coming soon. Til then peep the 1st single featuring Blu.

Bonus Cut: Budamonky ft. C.R.A.C.

Brad Oblivion.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Funeral of the Tape Deck

What up, I love cassettes, i still have all of my original tapes from my younger days...Eric B and Rakim, The Beatnuts, Public Enemy, the list goes on.  But we live in a digital age now, and sorry to say, the cassette, and its counterpart the tape deck are now pretty much extinct.  

If you follow other hip hop blogs and rappers, you may have heard of XV, this cat is pretty dope i must say.  He is currently working on a really cool concept called 40 days and 40 nights.  Meaning he is releasing 2 songs a day for 40 days.  All I can say is his work ethic is pretty serious, and today's morning song is quite fitting.  So here are his final words for the Funeral Of the Tape Deck featuring Donny Goines produced by DJ Premier.

Brad Oblivion.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Goo Punch

What happened to such fine programming as this....

Brad Oblivion.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Notorious Trailer

Looks kinda hot!

Brad Oblivion.

Fall Flavors...


Nike Air Force II High - Game Select "Atari"

Nike Blazer High Black and Pine

Clarks X Futura

Brad Oblivion.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The New Broke N!G&@ Anthem...

Thank you Lil Duvall for keeping it one hunnid for all the regular dudes out here. Check out Lil Duvall's version of T.I.'s Whatever You Like.  

Friday, September 19, 2008

Johnson & Jonson Gutter Dub

Everybody wants to be a rapper these days, and everybody is staking their claim as rap royalty, thats cool, but what ever happened to just rocking shit?  There is one cat who is doing such a thing by the name of Blu. If you are a on the level, then you've heard Below the Heavens, his project with Exile, and his crew C.R.A.C Knuckles with Ta'raach.  This dude doesn't stop, his latest release as a member of Johnson & Jonson with Mainframe is definitely going to be that dopeness. Raw lyrics and raw beats...peep...

Brad Oblivion.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Your reality is already half video hallucination..."

The Quote above is from one of my favorite movies, videodrome.  This film has been an inspiration for me as an artist so much my name is based from one of the characters known as Bryan O'blivion.  

Released in 1983, one year after i was born, this film directed by David Cronenberg has become a cult classic.  The basic plot is centered around the character of Max Renn(James Woods), the president of the sleazy cable channel CIVIC-TV, and his desire for more cutting edge programming. On his mission to find new material he stumbles across a sadistic show called Videodrome.  This show which is basically a snuff film full of whips, chains and all sorts of S&M torture has Max enthralled and as he keeps on watching this show, strange things begin to occur.  

Things get really crazy once he meets Nikki Brand(Debbie Harry), a S&M freak who turns Max Out and Bryan O'blivion(Jack Creley), a professor who only communicates through video recordings of himself.  Bryan O'blivion also runs the "Cathode Ray Mission" which is a safe haven for people who have been exposed to Videodrome. He tells  Max what Videodrome is all about, a hallucination, tumor inducing fascist socio political tool used to morally "purify" North America(sound familiar?...evangelicals anyone?).  

As Max's hallucinations grow more intense,  he realizes what he needs to do... kill Videodrome. 

Max's hallucinations grow the point of no return as he begins visualizing himself pulling guns out of his stomach and guns morphing into his hand. After finding and killing the creator of Videodrome Barry Convex, Max realizes the only way to kill Videodrome is to kill himself, to replace the "old flesh" with the "new flesh". The films final scene shows Max watching himself on TV pointing a gun to his head and pulling the trigger, so then Max imitates and proceeds to pull the trigger as the screen goes black.

As bugged as this film is, it's message is relevant to society today.  As the kids of today are bombarded with images of sex and violence to the point of desensitization.  Max represents that mentality and unfortunately he is never the same.  Of course this is a movie so its taken to the extreme but the concept is so on point.  Kids these days are believing what they see on TV, and are imitating what they see and hear.  Maybe it was the purple but this film hit me in very profound ways. 

David Cronenberg is known for wild special efx and this film is not an exception. The visuals are visceral and accompany the films message very well, and if you've checked out his other films such as The Fly, Scanners, or Rabid, this film won't disappoint.  Here's one of my favorite scenes to check out.

Brad Oblivion

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In Due Season We Shall Reap...

Peace family,  I love this time of year,  the leaves begin to change, school is in session, and it gets cooler so you can actually wear clothes(i'm a hoodie, sweater and boots dude).  Some folks may have heard me with my groups Score One For The Little Guy, and Earthtone, and ask "what's up with that solo joint?". Well folks the time is almost here.  I've been working for some time now on an official solo joint called "Due Season 2.o".  It's gonna be an EP, just to give you a taste of what I'm all about, nothing fancy, just raw beats and rhymes with a progressive vibe to it.  The Production will be handled with care by Just Plain Ant, who you really need to check out, peep his debut "FLY", and will feature some of Richmond's dopest up and coming emcees.  Its been a long time coming, and my wifey said i should of dropped this a long time ago, but timing is everything in my opinion.  

So for all the people who may have lost faith and maybe a little cynical, your Due Season is almost here...and in the words of Eddie Kendricks, my people...hold on.

In the meantime though, don't forget to check out my Crew Earthtones at a college or club near you, we've been recording and are now wrapping up our EP coming to itunes very soon.  

Well enough for the shameless promotion, i promise this will not be another blog just to big myself up, but it is a necessary evil nonetheless.  So I'll just leave ya'll with some shit I'm feeling now, actually since 94 when i copped this song on cassingle at willies.  Respect to Mic Geronimo for puttin on Ja Rule Dmx and Jay-z back in the day(do ya knowledge) its a shame he had to go out on some shiny suit shit, and being on MTV's Sex in the 90's didn't help his image as a QB thug. But Bask in the Rugged Tranquility that is Masta I.C peep below:

Leak Leak Drippy hard drive:

Brad Oblivion-"know u"(rough)  http://www.zshare.net/audio/177604064674239f/

Download JustPlainAnt "FLY" here:

Download EENJ "A New Day" here: